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Well-known internationally renowned personalities support the creation of a "House for the United Nations" in the building "Palais am Festungsgraben" in Berlin with the following petition:


Berlin Needs a Place for the United Nations –
The United Nations Need a Place in Berlin


We, the undersigned,

  • support the civil society initiative for a “House for the United Nations” in Berlin, to serve as a focal point for UN-related information and as a forum for dialogue on global issues,
  • agree that a “House for the United Nations” would be perfectly placed in the historic city centre of Berlin,
  • therefore support the proposal to develop the more than 300-year-old building “Palais am Festungsgraben”, close to the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Museumsinsel”, into a “House for the United Nations” in Berlin,
  • agree that key principles and core values enshrined in the UN Charter, such as peace and security, human rights, and development be reflected in the activities of a “House for the UN” in Berlin,
  • agree that in light of German contributions to the UN, it would be appropriate to create a place in the German capital city that offers space for continuous information and discussion on the UN system and its relevance for a better world,
  • support the cooperation envisaged between the “House for the UN” and the Humboldt Forum,
  • agree that a “House for the UN” in Berlin must not substitute or compete with the German UN city Bonn,
  • instead, agree that more information on the UN system in Berlin will be a valuable contribution to strengthening support of the United Nations in Germany throughout,
  • are convinced that a “House for the UN” in Berlin will underscore the call for multilateral cooperation worldwide,
  • therefore call upon the city of Berlin to publicly support the initiative for a “House for the United Nations” in Berlin, to make available the “Palais am Festungsgraben” for the said purpose and to initiate the necessary steps.



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